Screen Print

Help I’m Fucking Dying

This was a screen printing project aimed at creating a merchandise item that promoted a social justice issue. In this case the design is intended to promote climate change awareness in an eye-catching and compelling manner. the phrase “Help I’m Fucking Dying” was well received due to it’s confrontational tone and lack of sugar-coating, in addition to, the contrasting, friendly graphic which added some irony to the design as a whole.


Terminal was one of my final screen printing and branding projects of my college career. I had a great instructor for this independent study who let me really have free reign over my creation. I created two editions of limited run posters which had versions that were more or less rare depending on their color variations. Twenty of each design were officially printed and numbered. 15/20 were printed on black paper, 4/20 were printed on white paper, and 1/20 had only one color.

Texas Classics

Texas Classics was a commission from the University of Texas at Austin Liberal Arts College where they wanted shirts that they could give to their donors and alumni. In this case I did not design the shirt, I simply did the printing which included a chest print and a sleeve print.

Lutherhill Staff

Lutherhill is a Lutheran summer camp that I had worked at as a counselor for three years, during this time I would make graphics and prints for them on the side. These shirts were simply an extra gift I had made for the staff that were working this particular summer.

Screen printing is a great way to spread artwork or messaging, please let me know if you have any questions about any of these projects. 

Tuesday Oct 5 2021