Brand Identity

Logo and brand design has always fascinated me as there is seemingly a way to create iconic designs even before they are made popular by the general public and I always strive to make timeless designs when creating for small businesses and such. Additionally, I love when I get the opportunity to delve into the operations of a brand beyond merely the graphics, such as brand values, interactions between employees and customers, and operation systems that all contribute to the success of a business.

Garden Gate Homes

Garden Gate Homes is a medium to high end home building company that features a signature gate in all of their homes. The logo needed to represent the gate motif that is reflected in their home builds while also being read as a monogram as the client wanted to stay relatively traditional in the sense that many home building companies feature a monogram style logo.

Nancy’s Farm

This brand and logo was created for a private farm/ranch. The design needed to feature a monogram that could potentially be turned into cattle brand, in addition to showing the date of the ranch’s establishment.

Buckstop Butcher

Buckstop Butcher is a butcher and wild game processing service that focuses on creating a welcoming customer experience for a wide variety of customers ranging from veteran hunters to newbie home cooks.

La Pasadita Leadville

La Pasadita is a Mexican/Latin American grocery store based in Leadville, Colorado. This grocery store is frequented by seasonal ski resort workers who come here from all over Latin America. In order to reflect the rich cultures and peoples that come through this establishment, I took my branding inspiration from Latin American architecture and festivals which informed my color palette and typography style.


Terminal was a brand identity I created in order to serve as a container for an independent study project during my time at The University of Texas at Austin. The goal of the class was to advance my screen printing skills and techniques.


Toadstool was my senior capstone project where I designed various assets and objects in order to educate and excite viewers on topics in the field of mycology and fungi. Some of these assets included ceramic pots designed to beautify the mushroom growing process, a zine that debunked common fungi myths, a book that taught readers how to grow their own fungi, and other promotional materials to support the project.

To see more of any of these brand identities, or to comission your own, please reach out to me.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021