Creating typefaces is more of a passion to me than actual work even though it is, ironically, one of the harder facets of design that I practice. Even though it is difficult, seeing what other designers and creators can do with my typefaces is one of the greatest satisfactions that I experience as a designer.


Graduate is named as such because it was my first typeface that I created shortly after I graduated from design school. I wanted to create a classic serif that was taller and catered toward a display style typeface in order to be utilized in a more artistic manner. Inspired by Earle, a typeface used by National Geographic, I wanted to create letterforms that were long and elegant that were able to lead the reader's eye from a title to the rest of the reading content.


Halo was a project from my time in design school where we needed to create a modular typeface. This typeface features a gradient effect which gives the text a unique interaction over the designs that it is incorporated with. Unfortunately, due to the gradients this typeface cannot be turned into a typeable version, at least in all of the methods that I have learned so far.


Marcos was a commissioned typeface for a fellow creative who wanted a hand-drawn, grunge typeface that he could use in his films and videos. While my design style now is much more clean and neat, I still look back on this typeface and love how it turned out. I think I nailed the brief and he still uses this typeface in his videos today.

Please contact me if you would like to use my typefaces or other typography work.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021